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  • Member: kitsunebeolnet
  • Studio: Streamliner Studios
  • Title: Naru-85
  • Premiered: 2004-11-08
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    • Bowling for soup 1985
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  • Comments: Winner - Best Comedy/Upbeat Ohayocon 2005

    When I heard this one in August of 2004 at its 'unveiling' on a talk show, I knew I had to do a video for it. Somewhat surprisingly for me, my original vison held together pretty well. Toughest part was sitting still waiting to get as many >good< sources as possible and risk letting someone beat me to this song. (Yes, I claim this first...and another $5 gets me coffee at Starbucks.) Normally, being first isn't such a big deal when you have as many oddballs as I do. But its something else when you're assembling it and hear its in the Top 5 on Casey Kasem's show. Ever wonder who was the first to use 'Wake me up inside'? Ok, me neither, but I'll take what I can get.

    This song has an extra special meaning for me...I AM a member of the class of '85.

    I tried pretty hard to avoid the usual 'Naru punches out Keitaro video' cliche, but she still nails him twice here. The other sore spot is Keel Lorentz from NGE - I couldn't think of anyone else who even remotely looked like Bono from U2. I did manage to get 3 different scenes even if they pretty much look alike.

    I only intended lip synch in 3 places (or 4 depending on how you count it) - The opening sequence, with Su ..."On the radio" and with Naru yelling "Stop!" Any other points there is NOT lip synch, we are looking back at Naru's life from the outside...her dreams and wishes and from her friends and 'family' who wish she would 'Get with it.'

    9-26-05 NEW AND IMPROVED: File has been replaced with a remastered version. (The Ohaycon 2005 contest version.) Better file quality and an annoying lip flap issue was fixed.

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