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  • Member: Jesmaster
  • Studio: Jesmasters Anime Palace
  • Title: AkIra Tenax
  • Premiered: 2002-01-03
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    • Rhapsody Ira Tenax
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  • Comments: Well heres my latest video as of 1/8/2002, it is Akira to the song Ira Tenax by Rhapsody and the video is named appropriately AkIra Tenax. The song is pretty short, only a little over a minute, it ends very abruptly too, this is because the song is actually just an intro for the next song on the CD but since Akira doesn't fit too well with medival/fantasy stuff I decided to do the video to just Ira Tenax which has a nice Akira feel to it.

    Few cool notes, I love how the start of this song sounds just like Tetsuo's theme, "DAAAAAAAAH!". I also took my time to do crystal clear edits and some nice fading during the slow part of the song, the video is short and very cool I recommend a download if you have seen Akira or not becuase there aren't any spoilers and it would make a good trailer for the movie. Thats about it, enjoy!

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