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  • Member: Warheart
  • Title: Archetypes
  • Premiered: 2004-10-31
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  • Songs:
    • Godgory Resurrection
    • Saxon Dallas 1pm
    • Testament Return to Serenity
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is what started as one little short amv, that idea became the GSP (Guitarsolo-project) and the GSP turned into the Archetypes project. So whats this all about you might ask, ok "Archetypes" is a actually not one video it consists of 3 short amvs. The funny thing about them is that they are all based on a long guitarsolo. A nice idea I think. Before you complian about that there is no relation between the videos (some people did that) I tell you itīs not supposed to have astoryline, itīs simply a compilation of some good videos and itīs fun to watch. The first part I made during my summerholidays (quite long time ago) and I thought of publishing it, but then I starded to hear another solo and I had to add it, and some CDs later I had so much good solos I wasnīt sure which one I should use. After I finished [Akira] Tects I revived the project and continued it (the original idea was to have two other editors but both couldnīt participate). So now itīs finished and I hope you will take a look and leave an opinion.

    1. Sunset Symphony - Saxonīs Dallas 1 pm + Street Fighter Alpha
    (time needed 12 hours)

    2.Tormented Nightsky - Godgoryīs Resurrection + Vampirehunter D Bloodlust
    (time needed 21 hours)

    3. Forsaken Dawn - Testamentīs Return to Serenity + X 1999 The Movie
    (time needed 11 hours)

    If you like rock or metal you should take a look, you might like it ^^.

    NOTE: Altough some audiotracks contain samples of speech this is an insturmental video.


    Full Sourcelist:

    1.Black Heaven
    2.Street Fighter Alpha
    3.Vampirehunter D : Bloodlust
    4.X 1999 Movie

    1.Savatage - Nothingīs going on
    2.Machinae Supremacy - Apex Ultima
    3.Saxon - Dallas 1 pm
    4.Children of Bodom - Follow the Reaper
    5.Godgory - Resurrection
    6.Extreme - Peacemaker Die
    7.Testament - Return to Serenity


    Techincal aspects

    -All video was ripped with gordain knot at 100 % quality (exept Black Heaven)
    -Black Heaven was decrypted with DVD Decrypter and encoded with DVD2 AVI
    -Audiotracks were ripped with freerip at 192 kbs (lame mp3)
    -The final video was compressed in Xvid (2pass)with Virtualdub
    -Audiolines compressed in 192 kbs lame mp3

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