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  • Member: Radman
  • Studio: Sunrise Studios
  • Title: Furious Angel
  • Premiered: 2004-10-29
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    • Rob Dougan Furious Angel
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  • Comments: I like this AMV a lot. My second "real" project, this one took a lot longer to finish than it should have. However, the experience overall was very good, because instead of just making a high visual quality AMV, I could focus on making a quality AMV. I wanted to do something emotional after Anime Castaway, and Trigun was the only series I owned/had access to at the time. My biggest regret was the use of digital effects. I used them intermittently, but they're really out of place in this AMV. It shows that I'm still an amateur for sticking effects in my AMV "just because they look cool". Despite this, I'm still proud of the fact that there are no lyrics driving the action in this one, and that the overall effect seems to work.

    My biggest inspiration for this AMV came from Hakura's "Eden:Remastered". Thanks Hakura. I tried to communicate the same emotion and connect to the viewer in the same way as Eden did. I hope you like it and find some sort of psychological or emotional satisfaction in it.

    Please leave opinions ;_; I would really like to know what went right and/or wrong with this AMV. Thanks for viewing!

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