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  • Member: raptor_thirteen
  • Title: Z2 Trailer
  • Premiered: 2004-10-27
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    • X-Men 2 Trailer
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  • Comments: This actually started life as a Naruto video. I was watching X2's trailer while looking for a song to use on my next AMV, and it instantly hit me how perfectly matched the trailer was to the story of the attack on Konoha from Naruto. In my opinion, that would have been a far easier video, too.

    Then came the Narutotrix

    Since I wasn't about to compete with such an excellent video, I scrapped the idea completely. Luckily, I decided to watch gundam seed before Seed: Destiny came out, which sparked a brand new idea to the same song. If you replace 'Mutants' with 'Coordinators', the story is similar.

    Once I had a solid concept to work with, the only thing in the way was all the lipsyncing, and casting for Mystique and Deathstrike. I finally decided on Natarle for Mystique since she does have a fight scene, and Fllay for Deathstrike, since she easily caused Kira(Wolverine) the most grief. If you've seen the series, you might not be able to tell that Fllay is deathstrike, but if you never have... I think you'll get the point.

    The lipsyncing was hard in this case because ALOT of the scenes I chose had moving backgrounds, or were just moving in General. Each and every time I had to deal with a scene like that, it involved hours and hours of rendering and re-rendering, trying to get it perfect. I'd like to think in most cases you can't tell, but I can still see some minor flaws that i'm unable to get out. I decided that the scene was worth those minor flaws, so i kept them in.(at NO TIME did i just throw clips to the words and hope the lips fit)

    A final note on the spelling of the character's names: With this, i tried to keep as close to the general consensus as possible... However, there are some cases where it is clearly wrong. Throughout the entire series, "Athrun's" name is pronounced "Asuran", and Cagalli's last name is pronounced "Asuha", so there are no "th"s in their spelling in my video.

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