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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Controversy Studio
  • Title: "Lost [And Still]"
  • Premiered: 2004-10-26
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    • Straylight Run Now It's Done
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    2005 VCAs
    Round 1 Nominations
    [B]Best Character Profile[/b]

    Oh man...
    How to start this semi-incredible story about this video.

    Well lets start by saying I started this back in '03.
    Around january to be exact. It's went threw many song changes. And I released a copy of it as my first AMV. But it never reached what I had really had hoped for.

    So about 2 months ago, I started a project simply Titled "Lost". This is what this ended up to be, the project had ment alot to me since it was one of my first computer amv's (and the first amv anynoe had seen from me) and it was me trying to get out alot of emotions.

    Whats the diffrence? Well this time I'm using dvd's, This time i'm using a much lesser known band. And this time i'm going for a much much more artistic angle as opposed to just going for straight cuts and fades.

    The video
    Why did I do what I did?
    With the text I felt like I really wanted to tell a story, and I didn't want it to be a normal "Shinji" story, I wanted to show... Gendo really does love him, His mom still cares, Asuka was much more his slave than he was hers. And above all... That rei has this power over him... That really makes him think about everything.

    The overlays where... My attempt at syncing scenes. I'd like to note... I do not belive I ever went overboard on the overlays, I just used what I really felt helped the story and the video.
    I used alot of subtle beats and the overlays helped those out (such as him sitting on the train and it zooming out on him still there).

    As for the "Line Effects" those where actually in my original plan for the video back in '03, but I never was able to properly pull them off, it really messed up alot.
    What I wanted to show with his mind, I wanted to show that he see's everything going on in his mind but he never really connects with it... It's just like he's there. But he's in another world.

    Castor Troy - Beta testing
    Koji - Testing
    Marz - My #1 fan - I really hope this video helps you as much as it did me hun.
    Bob - My 2nd #1fan :P Thanks man
    Azeal - Thanks :)

    Very special thanks
    Scintilla - For teaching me and going threw with me those pain in the assed filters... without you this woulda looked horrifing. Thanks alot man.

    Well... After two months of hard work it's finally done, and It's pushed me to the breaking point more than once. So many crashes, so many failed test runs, and so many problems with filters not working. And yet... It was all so worth it.
    I love how it turned out, and the strain on myself was minor compared to how much I treasure this video.

    I hope you all enjoy, It's from the bottom of my heart.

    - Jacob

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