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  • Member: Lostboy
  • Title: I Can't Fight This Feeling
  • Premiered: 1996-06-05
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    • REO Speedwagon I Can't Fight This Feeling
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  • Comments: Here it is: my first AMV. I'd made non-anime videos before, but this was the first video I made with ANIME. At the time, I had no idea anyone else made anime music videos. I thought I invented the concept! Heh. Imagine my surprise about 6 months after making it, to learn that I could take it to Dallas and compete it against others! I was so cocky. then I saw Duane Johnson's "Keep Em Separated" video trounce mine. Rightly so. But I learned a lot by seeing the work of others, and the next year I beat Duane at A-kon 8. ^_- Heheh.

    Anyway, don't expect a lot here. Like I said, it's my first. And like all of my pre-2000 videos, I made it with a camcorder and VCR.

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