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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Studio: Donut Hole productons
  • Title: Psycho Drive
  • Premiered: 2004-10-31
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    • Pale 3 In my Head
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  • Comments: This video is about people either going crazy ( Eclair, Yuji, Sensui, Tetsuo) or all ready psychos ( Broly, Vincent, weird dude from Rurouni Kenshin). This video probably has some of the best quality you can find in a normal mpeg format. There is little or no pixelation and the quality is superb. Its best if you watch this video in the dark for better results. I had to brighten some of the scenes during the Kenshin fight because if I didnt you could hardly see any thing. The battle scene from Rouroni Kenshin was actualy taken from the Samurai X OVAs durring a flashback sequence. The ending is the only thing I really had a problem with. I just couldnt find a suitable ending. My first idea was to use Animatrix but what would be the point in listing it if I was just going to use it for the ending. I wanted to use more Blue Gender scenes but I was having trouble finding good scenes with Yuji going crazy so I found a suitable scene plus I was too lazy to go back and watch certain parts of the episodes just to find those scenes. I wanted to add some flicker effects durring the part where Vincent's hand is bleeding but I had trouble trying to get it to work and it didnt look that great so I got rid of it. Maybe I just need to find a better flicker filter. This is my halloween video so enjoy.

    Note: This video wont premiere until Halloween.

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