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  • Member: StarMasayume
  • Studio: StarInMyPocket Productions
  • Title: Luffy's Arabian Night
  • Premiered: 2004-10-20
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  • Songs:
    • Disney's Aladdin Soundtrack Arabian Night
    • Disney's Aladdin Soundtrack Legend of the Lamp
    • Disney's Aladdin Soundtrack Marketplace
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    I hadn't planned on doing an amv for One Piece for awhile even though it's one of my favorite anime, but while watching the Alabastan plot of the series, this idea was too good to pass up. I shared it with two friends who both seemed exited and amused by the idea. It's a parody on the opening to Aladdin. The fourth box series of One Piece takes place in the island/nation of Alabastan that's a desert with everything arabian style. It turned out to be a perfect parody and was fun to create. The hardest part was narrowing down all the possibilites. So little room for it all.

    I specifically stayed away from anything fancy, just straightforward cuts/fades and occassional speed changes. I -suggest- putting N/A in the feild for effects if you write an opinion. If you feel like it deserves some rating, that's fine--just understand that this is not an effects oriented video. Also, if you notice something odd about the video quality--it was already there and not a compression problem. I've seen the same quality for other amvs that used scenes from this plot. And finally, lip-synching is not perfect--it hardly ever is, though I believe its more then decent. When you spend over a hour working and reworking a couple words, you tend to want to move on. Robin William's isn't the easiest voice to lip synch to either, if I may say so. ^__^

    I had debated whether doing the Legend of the Lamp (voiced by Robin Williams) at first, but the song was only 1:18 long. I tested to see what I could do for it and came across some humorous match-ups so I switched it so that the Legend of the Lamp came first and leads into the Arabian Night. ^__^ This should be fun to watch even if you've never seen One Piece. If you're familiar with the characters, my choices just might make more sense and be funnier.

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy Luffy's Arabian Night!
    Opinions/comments more then welcome. =)


    -----EXTRA INFO--------------------------------------------------
    - Suggest watching video first / random notes -

    - I know something that may bother some viewers is that I decided to switch the characters who introduce the song (the merchant voiced by Robin Williams). In response, I have to plead that each match of the narrative fit too well with the respective characters. Ace, Luffy's older brother, welcomes the viewer, and also had a perfect conveyance of the "come closer--wait, too close!" which I had originally feared finding a humorous/fitting part for. Sanji, naturally, takes over at the "enchantment."

    - The "products" the merchant shows off in Aladdin stumped me when I was planning for the amv, but ended up falling into place fairly nicely as I searched for clips. I remembered the contraption/weapon that Usopp concocted for Nami--the one that pulled magic tricks during Nami's fight. It was perfect to play the object that did all neat random stuff, and used the part that Nami "broke" it over her knee in frustration of it. The "dead sea tupperware" was simply water, but Sanji's expression with it made me laugh. From there, as my friend puts it, is storytelling with Sanji. :)

    "(1:56)..where the'll cut off your ear, if they don't like your face." - This was always a memorable part for me and helped spurr on my enthusiasm as I ran over possibilities in my mind. Zoro "cutting off an ear" and Ussop's "unique" face. :)

    - not that it's important by any means, but getting this thing compressed and in final form was the BIGGEST headache! Nothing would work.. so it is with great joy that I'm finally able to release it a month after I actually completed it. :)

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