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  • Member: Poetic_Kaos
  • Studio: Embryonic Productions
  • Title: "All Is Full Of Love"
  • Premiered: 2004-10-18
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  • Songs:
    • Bjork All is Full of Love (plaid)
    • Olive You're Not Alone
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  • Comments: This is easily the best video I have ever made. I am really a rather random editor. That is to say most my videos only follow a shallow concept. After looking back on my previous work I saw they are little more than special effect shows. This is the first time I made a video that contains a strong plot. The project has exceeded my expectations in every way possible from story to effects; it really is a complete package, and is the first video I think worthy to enter in to a contest (looking for one).

    The Plot:
    The Serial Experiments: Lain is my all time favorite anime (I just had to mention that). Right before starting this project I downloaded several Lain AMVs (to see what I was up against). Most connected to the plot line in Lain by creating a weird, eclectic video. Now I know The Serial Experiments Lain, is one of the weirder animes out there. But if you really break it down all Lain was looking for was acceptance, love. This is the idea I wanted to develop in my video. I am pretty sure I have a unique angle either in implementation or effectually. So I will say, “You have not seen this done before.”

    The Music:
    In my previous work the video was made to fit the music. In other words, I like the music so I did an AMV for it. That is not the case this time around. After looking through my music Library. One song stood out, Bjork – “All Is Full Of Love”. It connected with the plot I wanted to develop not only in title but also in verse.
    While editing the video I ran into a problem of sorts. Towards the end of the song the music becomes rather repetitive. I ran into this with all of my AMVs and simply edited the repetitive parts out. Yet, I felt I could do better this time. So I removed that part of the song, but I also put something in its place, Olive – “You’re Not Alone”.

    The Effects:
    I could not ignore the urge for effects its in my nature. However, they complement and do not overwhelm. Despite the fact they are not flashy (the stroke light effect), the effects present are the most effective I have ever employed. Complementing the video does not mean the effects have to be dull. After all what is the point of adding an effect if no one notices you added one.
    The most difficult effect I have ever used is in this video. A thirty-seven layer overlay tops of the first 30 seconds of the vid. Each layer contains its own motion effect; the motion effects are synced with rhythm. When completed the layers disappear to reveal a full screen facial of Lain. This was done specifically to touch of the first lip sequence in the video. I am not going to mention the rest of the effects, because they are both numerous and substantial (that and it looks like this is going to turn into a term paper).

    The Lip Sync:
    There is a considerable amount of lip sync in the video. I would say about a little less than half of the video is lipped synced. I’ve seen quite a lot of lip sync in my time, and for the most part it is a still image with the mouth moving. I had to get around that or half of this video would be a yawn fest. So, I incorporated as much movement as possible in the lip sequences, and I made sure not to do the same thing twice. This is where the effects come in. Watch the video and you will understand.

    The Capture
    This is the first time I had DVD footage to work with, DVD footage open up a lot of options for creativity. It is also the first time I had a complete series to edited. The greatest single this I did not have to do is remove the subtitles. No more crap can’t use that scene because there yellow words all over it.
    The quality of the video is perfect. So, play it full screen!

    Smart Ripper
    DVD 2 AVI
    Virtual Dub Mod
    Adobe Premier Pro
    Adobe Photoshop 7.0

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