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  • Member: Pepsiman
  • Title: In Her Own Little World
  • Premiered: 2004-10-16
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    • Lilu Little Girl
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  • Comments: This video is basically about Aoi and happiness she feels now thatís reunited with her long lost childhood sweetheart. This video is special to me, not because it changed my life in any way but because Iíve scrapped this video at least four times and swore Iíd never come back to it. And yet, here it all finished and it actually turned out pretty good.

    I had originally had a long story explaining all the various deaths of vid this but Iíll give you the short version:

    Video dragged on too long.
    I cut out down Ė A LOT!
    Now Video better


    *bonus fun fact*
    This was the song I was originally going to use for my Hand Maid May video but I ended up using Automatic Lover instead.

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