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  • Member: Vancore
  • Studio: Vancore Studios
  • Title: RVG Project - Track 26 (Hot with Destiny)
  • Premiered: 2004-10-14
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  • Song:
    • Shael Riley Matoya's Hot with destiny
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  • Comments: Thought I might do a little fun vid for the Retro Project, mixing Final Fantasy with .hack//legend of the twilight braclet. It was one of the three vids I started to do for the NES project but I didn't end up completeing due to a problem with footage. The Retro Project gave me a chance to finish it up and that I did. The result was pretty cool, actually pretty close to my original idea for it.. except for including the Black mage guy halfway through the vid.. that was pretty much a spur of the moment thing. It was pretty close to the deadline when I finally learned how to work with the black mage sprite but it was fun.

    I guess the main plot to this AMV is that a battle in final fantasy starts up, against a skeleton, then against a Lizard. Some spell misfire's and turns someone into the black mage who then randomly appears from time to time until at last the game ends and the black mage ends up being released from the game and into the real world. Where he proudly dances a jig upon Shugo's desk. There's also a bit of fighting action happening with the Lizard and Skeleton.. and crabs.. I wonder if they fight crabs in final fantasy... never did beat the darn thing.

    o well, download and enjoy. =)

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