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  • Member: KagatoAMV
  • Studio: Studio Hybrid
  • Title: Unforgiven
  • Premiered: 2000-07-05
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  • Song:
    • Metallica Unforgiven
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This video has a curious history. I originally entered it in the AX'98 Music Video contest and it was disqualified for being to long. I then entered it last year for AX 2000. It got a pretty solid reaction, but its poor quality video didn't help it in the contest. It was up against some really wonderful videos.

    Unforgiven is an attempt to personalize a villainous character from an anime. At the time of its creation, most of the AMVs featuring Lodoss War were focused on the first Episode and the heroes. I was always intrigued by the hinted at romance or at least dedication between Ashrum and Pirotess. I wanted to try and bring that out in the music video format, without hitting my audience over the head with it. Thus I put the major parts of the video out of sequence of the anime, showing the Ashram/Pirotess sequences toward the end of the video, rather than the begining.

    I've gotten a lot of good feedback on this one and quite a few requests to remaster it. I really do want to redo this one, but I know that once I start, it'll take me a while to do it. I hope to have a little done before AX2001, for the AMV panel.

    My favorite quote in reguards to this video was following its showing at the participant's judging at AX2001, "After that one I think we need something happy."

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