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  • Member: Katsumi_AMVs
  • Studio: Visual Impact Productions
  • Title: Wanna play with me ?
  • Premiered: 2004-10-09
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  • Song:
    • Trevor Rabin Boost Me
  • Anime:
  • Comments: ====================================================================

    Quick Notes :

    No deep thoughts in this vid , it's nothing else than a music video with game footage.
    The first 40 seconds of this video it's slow paced , but then .. lots of action :D

    Footage from :

    Stand Alone Complex (Ghost in the Shell - PS2)
    Xenosaga Episode 2

    Song :

    I got from Gone in 60 Seconds OST. Just AWESOME ! :D

    Extended Comments :

    Something that you can be sure is that I worked hard to synchronize the vid
    with the selected footage.
    Since I've choosed for an instrumental song , I decided to work hard on act sync
    not just to hit the beats in the right time , but , try to use footage with visuals
    matching the intense of the song .
    And saying "intense of the song" , I'm talking about tempo and the different volumes
    of the intruments in different parts of the song , well , I guess that I did
    a good job with act sync , but that , is just my opinion.

    Visual Effects :

    Some of you may say that I'm overusing FXs.
    But , I always use visual effects with the purpose to sync beats or intense of the
    song instruments with the visuals.(gah!saying that again XP)
    If you don't like the effects that I've added in this vid ,
    there is nothing that I can do about it ,
    it's my style , and I don't think that I'm gonna try to change.
    Of course , I hope you like the way that I'm using effects in this vid.

    Video Resolution :

    I had a problem to make the video with different resolutions in the footage
    that I'm using in this vid.
    The solution for that problem was resizing it with Tmpgenc in huffyuv format.
    I'm sure that the video would looks perfect if I hadn't resized the footage ,
    but the capture quality wasn't totally losted in that process , still ,
    better than a vid with different resolutions.

    I hope you ENJOY !

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