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  • Member: Szwagier
  • Title: You are my poison
  • Premiered: 2004-10-09
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    • Alice Cooper Poison
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  • Comments: Yay! At least i created my first video :)First was the song , i heared it and thought - hey it's ideal for X. And so i decided to create an AMV.It took me some time to finish (almost 6 weeks), but that was a fun period , and i learned (at least basics) about videoeditting.

    This video contains many spoilers about X TV , so if you didn't saw tha anime do not download it

    So now about the AMV... It's almost only Fuma-Kamui AMV , and i think a bit s-ai(it was unavoidable with this lyrics)...I wanted to show the cruelty of destiny , that no matter what they try to do , what they feel for each other , they always end up hurting each other... At fiorst i thought only about fuma , rejecting Kamui , but then i realised that they wer alike... No matter how i looked at it the early Kamui was almost the same as lately Fuma... And so concept has changed and showed , both of them as the victims and as the killers as well(although Kamui is more often a victim )...
    SO what can i say more? I hope you'll enjoy it :)

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