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  • Member: Solaria735
  • Title: Prophecy Eternal
  • Premiered: 2004-10-08
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    • E Nomine Das Omen
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  • Comments: I hadn't seen very many Witch Hunter Robin AMVs before, much to my dismay, as I found it to be a great anime with an intriguing plot and solid character development. The few WHR AMVs I had seen all seemed to focus on the romance between Amon and Robin, and I was surprised by the general lack of action AMVs or . . . well, AMVs that focused on anything else. Thus I set out to make one.

    "Prophecy Eternal" is set to E Nomine's song "Das Omen", and the title is taken from one of the lyrics, "Du bist . . . die Prophezeiung in Ewigkeit", which translates to "You are the prophecy in eternity". I found it strangely fitting for Robin, as *spoiler* Methusaleh had seen all the potential in Robin, and Maria had hoped she would be the "Eve" of witches. *end spoiler* I chose the song because I wanted something with a strong, fast beat, but also something that invoked a slightly religious feel, in accordance with Robin's character. I felt that the choir singing in Latin added that to the song. The video is, for the most part, lyric-matched to the German, and I can provide a translation if anyone so desires.

    This AMV basically follows the general plotline of the show, although it is not a strict retelling of the anime, and takes a few artistic licenses. While there are some scenes that show Robin angsting over Amon (as that was a major part of the show), I definitely wouldn't call it a "romance" video per se. For example, though there is footage from the attack on STN-J, I did not use the scene where Amon slips the paper behind Robin's ear, as I did not want to focus so closely on any possible romance between Robin and Amon. I tried to show their relationship in a more realistic light. . . which basically consists of Amon going back and forth trying to decide whether to kill Robin. But the AMV also focuses on the other members of STN-J, albeit to a lesser degree.

    A lot of the effects used in this video were pretty much created just to see if I could do them, and thus some of them may look a little similar to other videos. While they're not exactly the same, influences from other videos are definitely noticeable. In fact, the whole video is filled with "Easter eggs" of sorts, tributes and homages to other videos that have influenced me (besides the one really obvious one).

    As always, opinions are appreciated. I love feedback, as it helps me learn.


    First Place, Anime Los Angeles 2005 AMV Contest
    Action Finalist, FanimeCon 2005

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