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  • Member: iserlohn
  • Studio: Iserlohn Productions
  • Title: Untitled #5
  • Premiered: 2002-02-15
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    • tick, tick...BOOM! Sugar
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    Downloads are down for the Summer.

    Video Stats:
    Title - Untitled
    Anime - Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar
    Song - Sugar
    Artist - tick, tick...BOOM! Off-Broadway Cast
    Completed - December 2001
    Participation - Katsucon 8 AMV Contest
    Notes Written for: Katsucon 8 Reel CD, profile
    Indirect Link: AMV CD Distro. Go get my CD!
    Rev. note: Re-encoded using TMPEG noise reduction from MPEG-2. Looks nicer than old download.

    Making the Video:
    This one was done over about 3-4 days. That doesn't sound like a lot, but I was finished with classes and hadn't started working over the break yet. Therefore I spent quite a bit of time over those days doing edits, tweaks, etc.

    One of the original plans was to have this incorporate the "bukimi" fanboys from Di Gi Charat as the role of the singer, but when I tried to lay the clips to the music it just didn't happen. Again, I didn't keep any of the rough cuts, etc. so there's no extras to include with this one =(

    The video quality on this one isn't as nice as I'd have liked it to be, but in order to get the video done for Katsucon I had to make do with the source that was available, namely raw DivX files of varying resolution and quality (you'll actually see there's a couple scenes that are slightly off from being fullscreen.) Still, for what it was (thank you Jasconius for your uploads!!) it worked remarkably well.

    Footage was taken from the episodes and converted to the dreaded Indeo with many (MANY!) added keyframes and then edited in DV. Image quality actually improved slightly with the added bitrates allowed to it, leading to a fairly clean out put and final MPEG video.

    While this project looks simple, it had 100 cuts (exactly!). Many of these are one to three frame edits on the end of a clip to stop lip flap, as well as all of the clock scenes (my first and probably last use of such gaudy effects.)

    In order to make the clocks, I took a screen grab, rotated the hand in Adobe Photoshop, and tried my best to clean up the rest of the image. The clock is now composed of solid colors rather than the shades used in the original video (oh well.) You can actually see how cheap my work looks on the last closeup shot where I missed a spot of repainting.

    Special thanks to Omoikane, VicBond007, Anne, and Jasconius for doing feedback on the betas.

    What's this Video About?
    The song is about two people professing their love for twinkies and the fact that eating junk food lets them escape the problems in their lives for a short bit.

    The anime is about a girl who lives in Germany named Saga and the season fairy who lives with her, Sugar. Sugar is only an apprentice, though, and she's on a quest to find the magical item that will let her become a full fledged snow fairy. Sugar's also ditzy and annoying as hell - the rest of the fairies (especially Salt and Pepper!) are saving graces. The artwork was done by Koge-Donbo, who designed Di Gi Charat and runs Moonless Night (

    Putting these together we have a tribute to the cute and distracting snow fairy. VicBond 007 says that this video is cute enough to kill. Everyone who's seen it so far (January 2002) has seemed to like it.

    Commentary and Notes:
    I like this video. It's really simple looking (the only fades are into and out of the credits), and it's kinda goofy, but it's got some heart in it. I originally didn't think that this would be able to stand as a full video, and planned on only doing a small sequence or two and throwing the on a potential b-reel video. As it turns out there was (barely) enough footage in 10 episodes to do this so I did the whole video (especially since Katsucon announced at the last minute that not only was the deadline being extended on the contest, but that we could also submit 2 videos.)

    I'm kind of relieved and yet scared by how well this video turned out for the time invested - I spent four months agonizing over the FLCL vid, and feel that it is a superior piece of work, but most of the early viewers were leaning towards this being the addictive video that everyone's gonna like....

    At the premiere, veryone thought it was cute, but didn't vote for it. *sigh* so it goes. People did like it though, and I hope you all do as well.

    Song Lyrics:
    She can be white.
    She can be brown.
    She's always easy
    Goin'down-goin' down

    She don't care - what I look like
    How I dress
    Never says "No."
    Always says "Yes."

    Oh-oh-oh Sugar,
    She's refined.
    For a small price
    She blows my mind.

    Sugar-she's got the power
    Soothes my soul for half an hour
    Half an hour-half an hour-half an hour

    Twikies! Oh my God! I love them!

    She's my honey
    She's my tart
    I'm her creampuff
    She's my sweetheart

    Knocks me out,
    Strips me bare


    I won't care.

    Late at night

    When I'm sad and lonely

    One thing only
    Cures my blues.

    Stressed out

    Burned Out

    Hangin' by a string,
    I won't feel a thing

    Sugar so sweet

    Sugar, sugar, sugar
    You got me
    Kissin' your feet Kissin' your feet

    Kissin' your feet
    Pretty baby

    She don't care She dont' care

    What I look like

    How I dress She don't care

    No no no no no no no

    Only thing I know is
    That she makes my
    Life such a mess Oh yes

    Sugar oh yeah Sugar sugar oh yeah
    Sugar oh yeah Sugar sugar

    Sugar oh yeah
    Sugar oh yeah

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