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  • Member: TobinHood
  • Studio: Sakkaku Studios
  • Title: Where Are You Christmas
  • Premiered: 2001-12-28
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    • Faith Hill Where are you Christmas?
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  • Comments: Hey, well I kinda rushed this video more than usual. I like to take my time with videos but this idea had come to me on Christmas Eve and I wanted to get it done that night. Unfortunately, even though I finished the video, I didn't get a chance to upload it until the 28th so I stated this as premiered the 28th. Even though Christmas is over, I hope you can all enjoy this video, and maybe enjoy it next year too.

    Story: This video follows three people, Keitaro, Naru, and Shinobu. While creating the video I tried to capture Keitaro and Naru's great attempt to admit their love to eachother before midnight. It also shows how torn Shinobu is. The two screens at the start explain the whole situation about the superstition and how it can't always come true.

    NOTE: If you DON'T like ROMANCE videos then DON'T download it as LOVE is the main THEME of the video. However if you like romance videos I'm sure you will enjoy this vid.

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