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  • Member: Tsunami Jones
  • Studio: Better Tomorrow Productions
  • Title: Bushido Dawn
  • Premiered: 2004-10-02
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    • Mamoru Samuragoch Uga
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    "I'm watching a pinwheel spin to climactic music" - Arigatomina

    Let me take some of your time to say some things about this video, starting with the name. Itís named "Bushido Dawn" for several reasons. The first being itís relation to The Hakkenden. In the Hakkenden each of the main eight characters represents one of the eight tenets of Bushido. The "Dawn" part of the title is in partial reference to the symphony that performed this piece of music.

    The Rising Sun symphony was an orchestra composed of 203 players (150 members of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, and an additional 53 traditional Japanese instrumentalists and vocalists). This symphony was formed for the sole reason of recording music for the video game, "Onimusha." The composer of this powerful musical score is Mamoru Samuragoch, who was considered to be a prodigy (he was mainly self-taught, and composed his first musical piece at the age of ten). This was even more remarkable, due to the fact that he was partially deaf since a very early age. Unfortunately, as he grew older, his hearing worsened, and in 1999 as he worked on the main theme for Onimusha, he suffered a seizure that temporarily robbed him of the remainder of his hearing, and has since only regained slight hearing in his right ear. While Samuragoch was saddened by the fact he can no longer hear the finished result of his music, he takes consolation in knowing that thousands, if not millions, will enjoy and appreciate the music he composes (and I certainly have). In addition to his composing, he also arranges and teaches his music to school bands throughout Japan.

    Now besides the name of the symphony, I also chose the word "Dawn" because to me it can be symbolic for a "new beginning." The dawn has also occured countlessly for an unknown period of time, so it repeats itself, much in the same way as history, or as I thought of it, the kharmic cycle of life, death, and rebirth (which is one reason I put a lot of the pinwheels from the show into this video; as this is one thing that I believe them to represent).

    I have been wanting to do a Hakkenden video for a bit now (itís one of my favorite anime), but I didnít have an idea until the Around the World in 80 Minutes (The Second Instrumentality Project) was announced (although it appears to have been canceled :/). I immediately knew that I wanted to do the Yokohama track, and I immediately new that I would use The Hakkenden for itís traditional (and yet mythological) Japanese setting. And when deciding on the music for this track, I wanted something Japanese to go along with it. I had in my small collection of CDís the soundtrack to Onimusha, and I always found the music on this quite breathtaking. And so with it having a wonderful Japanese composer, and an "east meets west" style of music, I decided that it would be the perfect choice. I can only hope that I even slightly lived up to the anime and the composer in the editing of this video. So please, enjoy this, and comments/feedback is always appreciated.

    And also, this vid is listed as participating in NDK 8. It was not shown at the convention (apparently there was some odd pixelation on some of the pinwheels), but it did get an honorable mention.

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