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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Narcissistic Bishie
  • Premiered: 2004-10-02
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    • Gravitation Power Cave
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  • Comments: Well I wanted to make a better Ayame profile than this one, but seeing as he's (sadly) only in three episodes, and when they do show him he is always talking, so when I finally had gone through all the footage I had I literally had less than four minutes to work with. -_-;; As for the AMV, it's a short and rather peculiar song. It's a background piece from Gravitation, and there were instances when I had no freakin' clue as how to time it. >_< Anyway I think that this AMV starts off pretty strongly then goes down hill. Good news though is that I didn't repeat any of the clips, bad news is that there is a subtitles of Ayame screaming "Yuuu~~~ KI!" Across the top of the screen but I had to show him in the wedding dress! XD It's in a really light font and because it's at the top it isn't too distracting.

    Well this is certainly the most pointless AMV that I've ever made. Basically it's very little more, if anything more at all, than eyecandy. A whole minute and a few seconds of my favorite Furuba character. ^_^

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