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  • Member: Sephiroth
  • Studio: DMRA(DuoMaxwellReiAyanamiProductions)
  • Title: Devil Never Cry
  • Premiered: 2004-10-01
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    • Devil May Cry 3 Devil May Cry 3 - E3 2K4 Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: Allright i'm onto the comments now. I'll hopefully get these done quick.

    *warning anime spoilers ahead*

    Allright the origen of this video. A while ago i watch the hentai Nightare Campus. I was acutally amazed it was a hentai because i got really ingrosed into the plot and the charecter. But it was a hentai. So i had allways wanted to do something to it but couldn't think of it. Because i want to concentrate on the story aspect of the series and not the tons of sex that are in it (Yet make scence to the plot) .

    Then i saw the devil may cry 3 trailer and the idea clicked.

    The title for this video comes from the game series devil may cry. In it Dante says to Drish when she cries that a devilnever cries. At the end of the bounty hunting agency gets changed to Devil never cry. So it felt like a good reference to use for the title since the idea that a devil can't cry went well with the theme of nightmare campus. Which is the demonic (Diversity) side of humanity vs the Angelic (Conformity) aspect of humanity. There's alot to Nightmare campus. It's the Clockwork Orange of anime if you want a good idea of what the anime could be compared to.

    So this video starts out showing the charecters. It then goes to showing of Misao who is a demon king reborn. Then shows what it means to be a demon. It then goes to his relationship with his girlfriend who still cares for him but eventually leaves him because of what he is. Going to the end she leaves him because she is one of the gods. Then he yells out and cries. Thats the basic summery of the plot for this video. It was rather hard to deviate from the story of nightmare campus as the song dicated basicly the same thing as the series. I am a demon and am condemed because of that.

    I used the dual nature in the music in the video. Which is why there is alot more overlapping in this video then in any one i did before it. Since there was a male and femalevocal it made scence to set those parts up from the perspective of the male and female charecter.

    I am proud of this video, alot of work went into presenting the anime series nightmare campus into a version that more people could get exposed to and hopefully see the anime.

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