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  • Member: Lockstock
  • Studio: legaecy
  • Title: Without Wings
  • Premiered: 2004-09-30
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    • July For Kings Without Wings
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  • Comments: Ah! Itís "Ah! My Goddess: The Movie" and ah! It's another AMV by lockstock...put 2 and 2 together and what do u get? You get 5, that's what... (with large amounts of 2)

    Anyway, this is my latest AMV release that was made around the same time as my first Naruto AMV. Now I normally do action AMV's and I'm not sure why I felt the need to go and try and make a drama AMV but here it is. Ah! My Goddess, also know for the OVA series Oh My Goddess (5 episodes) is about a young, nice guy named Keichi and his struggles with his girlfriend (by wish), Belldandy. Evil villain, Celestin give's a virus to Belldandy by kissing her and the story flows from there.

    Normally you would see some from of punk/rock or dance song for my AMVs but this time itís more of a soft punk song mainly because I found it appealing for the anime. Without Wing.... Goddess... see the connection? ;)

    Anyway, download it, don't hesitate.

    If you have problems playing it, visit and download the X-viD codec (it "should" just play in Windows Media Player or Div-X Playa

    NOTE: Thies AMV has been re-released by a different studio with a better quality version and can be found at

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