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  • Member: KagatoAMV
  • Studio: Studio Hybrid
  • Title: Silent Mobius: The Music Video
  • Premiered: 1994-07-05
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  • Song:
    • Faith No More Epic
  • Anime:
  • Comments: There are now two versions of this video. The first premiered at Anime Expo in 1994. Yes, 1994. :) It won Best Video of the convention, but this was before they gave out any prizes, I still have the certificate they gave me. My Mom framed it, scary...

    The video is quarter frame and uses 21MHz audio and assembled using Premier 3 on a Macintosh Centris 650. The 650 dates back before the Macs came with built in audio, so the half CD quality was all that card could manage.

    The second version was the first one I created using my new Mac G4. The quality, both video and audio is substantially improved. I also tweaked some of the pacing, I was a little limited in the original because I ran out of hard drive space.

    The new version of SM:TMV has been sent to Ohayiocon (sp?) and Fanime 2001, mostly to just get it seen. Silent Mobius isn't exactly as popular as it was back in 1994. :)

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