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  • Member: dokool
  • Studio: Third Lens Open Productions
  • Title: We Are The Youth
  • Premiered: 2004-09-28
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  • Song:
    • Silverchair Anthem for the Year 2000
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  • Comments: Software: SmartRipper, DGMPEGDec, Premiere 7.0, VirtualDub

    Editing Time: 4 hours

    What do you get when your first assignment is to edit a linear music video, the editing decks are malfunctioning to the point of complete and utter frustration, and the assignment is due the next day?

    Yeah, it'd be more or less something like this.

    I won't lie and say this is my greatest work yet, because it definately isn't. Cuts were intentionally left on the sloppy side to replicate a first-time attempt on linear hardware. No effects or speed changes were used.

    The live-action footage is all original, shot by myself at various protests around the beginning of Gulf War II: The Vengeance. Since I don't have my original MiniDV tapes with me, I ripped from a copy of the documentary I made, that I brought with me on DVD. Locations include Washington DC on M15 2003, my school (Simon's Rock College) on M20 2003, and New York City on M22 2003.

    The idea was a concept I'd had for a while, but because my editing capabilities
    outgrew what I'd need for the video I chose to put it on the backburner until now,
    when I needed a quick-and-fast project to work on. It certainly came in handy.

    Please, don't bother opping this one. I've listed it on the 'Org for the sake of completeness and not much else.

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