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  • Member: Brad
  • Title: Instead Of Going Under
  • Premiered: 2001-12-25
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    • Sum 41 In Too Deep
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  • Comments: This was pretty much a product of me being stranded at my dad's apartment with his laptop, my DVD collection, and hearing this song for the first time. I was bored at my dad's so I decided I'd watch Castle of Cagliostro. Just before this, I had been listening to 'In Too Deep' by Sum 41. Wasn't my fave band/song or anything but it was fun amd catchy. Well after the movie was over I listened to the song again, and this video started playing in my head. Taa daa! Inspiration :D So I ripped the DVD, borrowed the Sum 41 CD from a friend and ripped the song, and about 15 hours later, I cranked out this video. It's new territory for me on more then one level. One, it's my first video using actual anime, two, its my first fun/up-beat video, and three, its my first time ripping DVDs. So it could be said that this is my first REAL anime music video.

    The video is obviously really up-beat and fun, and really does tell a story. I love videos that tell stories. Pretty much, the video might as well be a super-condensed version of the movie. So hopefully if you've never seen it, you can still slightly tell whats going on. There are some spoilers but honestly nothing major. Castle of Cagliostro is rather predictable as it is. Watching this shouldnt really hurt anything. But if youre overly spoiler-wary, then I guess stay away from this unless youve seen the movie.

    Overall, this is a solid video, with alot of action, alot of timing, and alot of comedy. Check it out. And I'd really appreciate opinions. :)

    ***DOWNLOAD UPDATE: 02/23/03***
    And hosting is DOWN...... AGAIN........ ;_; So yeah. the links = 404

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