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  • Member: mystryl_shada
  • Title: The Madness of Asakura Hao
  • Premiered: 2004-09-27
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    • Matchbox 20 Unwell
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  • Comments: This is my first Shaman King vid, and my ninth amv. I heard this song and thought of this character, since he's not really evil, but he's the show's villian. Mainly because I think he's kinda lost his grip on what's really right and wrong. That's the worst kind of madness, really.

    There are some spoilers, so beware. They're not too bad...ok, one is, but I personally think it's a given. In any case, keep that in mind.

    This took me about four hours to complete, blast it, because my program kept going on the fritz. At one point, I lost over a minute's worth of footage because I forgot to hit this magical button called "Save" that keeps me from losing footage because of program crashes. Oh well.

    By the way, see if you can count the number of times Hao's name is hinted at in the music for the amv. ^_~ Hint: think pun.


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