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  • Member: Himiko
  • Studio: Tokyo Anime Studios
  • Title: DDR AWA 10 - Track 33: Insertion
  • Premiered: 2004-09-27
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    • B4 Za Beat Insertion
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  • Comments: Ok, this DDR mvid has a bit of history to it, even if I completed it in less than a week, so I'm going to go into details on how it was created, why, and what I gained from it in the end. Please bear with the length of this... *___*

    One fateful night, I was surfing around the net while listening to some music on my headphones, when Hsien pops up on AIM and asks me for a BIG favor ^^ *chuckles* When I heard that, I knew it was going to be something that revolved around DDR since he heads it every year and AWA was approaching. He explained to me that three people doing DDR mvids hadn't been heard from in quite some time and that the DDR deadline was nearing.

    And he needed replacements NOW.

    Now, I've always wanted to participate in the DDR project, yet didn't think I was really good enough to be involved in one, so I hesitated a bit when he asked if I could be a replacement. Could I really do this? I haven't made/completed a mvid in YEARS, so how could I do this in ONE week when most of my previous projects took MONTHS to complete? These were the thoughts that coursed through my befuddled mind while he waited for a reply. So, after thinking it over a little bit, I decided that YES I could do it, and YES I wasn't going to let him down. Hsien has been such an inspiration to me - one of the reasons I started mvid creation, actually - and I felt that I should do this for him. So, I accepted and he sent me three tracks - one was ultimately going to be my choice. One song was so cheesy I knew that if I accepted it (even if it was super easy to edit to) I would probably draw a pistol to my head if I had to listen to it over and over again. Another was way too complex, even for me - fast beats, different shifts in mood and just a very intimidating feel to it. Then, I come upon Track 33: Insertion. I listened to it three times and found that this was more my pace; more my style. So, after deciding on the song, I had to find anime(s) to resemble the overall mood it created. My first thought was Noir, but when I looked over the anime that was already being used by other editors I found Noir in the mix - Well, shit...

    Hurriedly, I started flipping through my huge pile of anime dvds and I was about to give up and succumb to my backup - Flame of Recca - when my eye caught the long, neglected DVD cover of Yami no Matsuei. I KNEW it would be a problem to use Yami no Matsuei for this track - since the beats were SUPER fast and YnM is only 13 episodes, but I decided to stick with it and try to compensate. Yami no Matsuei's mood is *perfect* for 'Insertion', and ya gotta love the yaoi ;)

    After telling Hsien I was using YnM footage, I immediately started cracking on some DVD footage. It took me nearly 12 hours to rip and convert them into avi files, but I did it (yes, I'm old school ^^;;). With all 13 episodes converted, I started in Premiere right away, working into the wee hours of the morning (8am, folks - yeah, you heard me correctly ~__~).

    I knew this was going to be an action-based mvid from the beginning but I didn't think it would be as grueling as it turned out to be. At first, it started out *super* easy. Footage seemed to fit everywhere, and I was about 50% done in less than two days (10 hours worth of work). But then, slowly, it started to get to such a difficult level that I thought I was going to kill something. I was using the best scenes in various places of the mvid, and the rest of the mvid suffered because of it. Footage was slimming down to almost nothing and I was starting to get really scared. By this point I had only 3 days left until the deadline.

    Ten Mountain Dews, five cups of ramen and four packs of cigarettes later, and I was 90% done. I still wasn't satisfied, but I tried my best in the little amount of time I had left.

    Suffice to say, this is the finished product of nearly 50 cans of Mountain Dew, 13 cups of ramen and a little over 3 cartons of cigarettes worth. A lot of credit for this mvid goes to Eric, KZ, Ian and Hsien - without them I don't think I would have made it that far! Thanks guys :) Eric was also nice enough to let me use the DDR arrows he made ^^ Credit for those go to him ^^ I had a minor problem with the filters, but thanks to Ian I was able to straighten those out ^^ Thanks, Ian!

    When I sent in the finished product, I thought it sucked total ass. A lot of the beats were off and some of the scenes were just... WRONG ~___~ I went filter crazy, too. Transitions, filters and color effects were used a lot in this mvid. Almost annoyingly so &__&

    I was really nervous when AWA started, afraid of having my crappy DDR mvid booed into oblivion... but then the day it ended, Hsien pops up on AIM and tells me the crowd LOVED it.

    Me: WHAT?!?!
    Hsien: The audience loved your DDR mvid!!
    Me: ....

    'Speechless' would be the right word to use, so would 'shocked'. Never, in my wildest dreams, would I think the audience would like something made by me - and something that I didn't even like, really.

    I swore to myself that I wouldn't put this up on the Donut, but since it was received well I'm thinking there might be some fans that want to see it and actually *like* it. So to all the fans out there: This is for you!

    You might think, with all the bashing I give this mvid, that I hated working on it. Not true. I was frustrated, thought it sucked, and was afraid it was too horrible to imagine, but I *loved* working on it. It made me realize what I loved about making mvids; The passion of creating something only you can create, the thrill when a mvid is completed, the wonder of finding a new trick you can use in Premiere... all these things came back to me in a rush and now I blame Hsien for getting me back into mvid creation - and wanting to participate in another DDR project ^^ Damn you, Hsien!! :P

    Now that I've given a lengthy story on the how's, what's and why's, I'll wrap this up with a 'Thank You' to everyone at AWA 10. When I heard from Hsien how you all enjoyed my DDR mvid immensely, I was stunned and delighted. It made me soooo happy! ^___^ *tears in her eyes* I hope to continue to create mvids for you guys and it is my wish that you all enjoy them as much as I did in creating them. Thank you!!

    Mountain Dews Consumed: 50
    Cigarettes Used: 3 1/2 Cartons (when I'm stressed, I smoke like a chimney)
    Hours Spent In Creating: 30
    Hours Spent Ripping/Converting: 12
    Filters Used: 20+
    Problems Encountered: 8
    Result: Satisfactory

    Programs Used:
    Adobe Premiere 6
    Photoshop 6

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