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  • Member: Parodic Productions
  • Studio: Parodic Productions
  • Title: Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
  • Premiered: 2004-09-26
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    • Big Gay Al I'm Super
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  • Comments: I would just like to say this: This is a dark, dark chapter in my Parodic Library."
    And I do not mean that in that good, gothic meaning either.

    What can be said about this video? I actually spent over two months on this crap just to churn out a lousy S-VHS version of it, all thanks to my school's new damn copyright equipment that restricts me from recording on digital DV. Damn digital age and its copyright protections! Not only that, but while trying to make sure the volume doesn't go so loud to scratch at the high points, I ended up not having no audio in the rear speakers, making it sound so low that nobody in the back of the room could hear it right. And, to top it all off, I sent the video in to the wrong guy, despite that he IS, in fact, a person subordinating the contest and all, and, because it was SO much trouble to pay thirty-five cents on postage to send it in for me, I ended up doing a quick rush job of converting a so-so S-VHS copy into an MPEG-2 version. And let me tell you something, converting from analog to digital is a horrible way to go, since you know that the analog is nowhere better than the digital version.

    And, at the convention, I ended up sitting through a crapload of piss poor videos, contest AND overflow alike, before actually getting to my video. As for the contest, THEY HAD A VIDEO OF SHAMAN PRINCESS WITH THE SUBTITLES, FOR CRYING OUT F***! How do you allow that to happen? It wasn't even that good of a video! And the Golden Boy one didn't even get an honorable mention! What did, the Trigun one? True I loved the song, but it didn't synchronize as well! Even some of the humorous videos I couldn't understand making the contest, or more belonged in the upbeat section. My opinion, as the contest rules forementioned, if you have any subtitles still featured in the video, you shouldn't be entered into the contest; plain and simple. You can argue with me if you like, but I use the DVD's and am able to turn off the subtitles, even on the import ones, so that's my excuse. Where was I? Oh yeah, my crappy video.

    Let me just say this straight out: I do not intend to show my video at all, especially since all my copies are total crap and I can't get a single good version out on avi or mpeg without something messing up, or without getting it over fifty meg's, so it ain't gonna happen. I just want to label this as one of my past works that I need to learn from and move on, that's it.

    As for my video editing career, now that you all know that I've been abusing university equipment to make these videos, I would like you to know that I plan, from now on, to get my own equipment to make videos with. Enough is enough! I know someone who has Adobe Premiere for free and can let me have it, and I can find video capture cards wherever available. So, from the shadow of this dark, horrific video, I shall rise again from the ashes with a new light. I will persevere. I WILL BECOME A VIDEO EDITOR!

    So, anyway, if you actually went to Otakon and saw it there, leave an opinion if you like.

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