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  • Member: Machine
  • Studio: MindWarp Entertainment
  • Title: Needle In My Hand
  • Premiered: 2001-12-31
  • Categories:
    • Action
    • Character Profile
    • Comedy
    • Horror
  • Song:
    • System of a Down Needles
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Ohayocon 2002 AMV Contest, Ohayocon 2002 AMV Contest (2002-01-11)
    • FITCON AMV contest, FITCON AMV contest (2002-01-26)
    • Ushicon 1, Ushicon 1 (2002-02-02)
    • Katsucon 8, Katsucon 8 (2002-02-15)
    • A-kon 13, A-kon 13 (2002-05-31)
    • Martyr Productions Summer Contest, Martyr Productions Summer Contest (2002-06-27)
    • **Martyr Productions Contest**, **Martyr Productions Contest** (2002-06-27)
    • Anime Expo Music Video Contest, Anime Expo Music Video Contest (2002-07-04)
    • AWA Exposition Contest, AWA Exposition Contest (2002-09-27)
    • CSUN Anime AMV contest, CSUN Anime AMV contest (2002-11-30)
  • Comments: The time: the present... perhaps.

    The place is an outlying city called Mabase, from which grows the gigantic Medical Mechanica plant. Nandaba Naota, a smart-aleck schoolkid, gets sideswiped by a Vespa on his way home with his brother's girlfriend, Samejima Mamimi.

    When he gets home from school the next day, he finds the woman on the Vespa from the day before in his living room. Naota is stunned as he listens to his father explain that he has just hired her as their new housekeeper. She tells him her name is Haruko. Naota doesn't know how to react to the fact that he and Haruko are suddenly living under the same roof.

    And then there's the mysterious robot that suddenly appears before Naota when he goes out into the night for Mamimi.
    Things get strange very quickly...

    FLCL (also known as "Furi Kuri") may not be one of the most popular anime titles around, but it is very good. This video can be severly complex to those who have not yet seen FLCL. The plot for FLCL's bizarre production is hard to review and admittedly not for everybody.

    The events are surreal, and things move at a very frantic pace. Those who prefer dramatically unfolding sagas may want to look elsewhere. While FLCL is primarily hand-drawn, it is also enhanced with computer graphics thereby making it a stunning visual masterpiece. Anime and manga-style scenes are mixed together.

    What I tried to do with this video is somewhat bring out the darker aspect of this short OAV series into a really small fast-paced music video. The music choice was a bit of an oddball for me at first but slowly I realized how wacky both the footage and the music of System of a Down really was.

    I really can say that I had fun making this little video. Although not my best, it is still a video that should not be so easily underestimated.

    -Nominee for Best Action Video at Central Sun Anime 2002

    *Judge's Special Award at Katsucon 2002

    *Best Editing / Technical Video at ACEN 2002

    *Best Action Video at Senpai 2002

    *2nd place in Action Category at AnimeFEST 2002

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