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  • Member: Warheart
  • Title: [Akira] Tects
  • Premiered: 2004-09-26
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  • Songs:
    • Heaven Shall Burn Architects of the Apocalypse
    • Heaven Shall Burn Risandi Von
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    Moonlyght - Autums Freezing Harmony
    Biohazard - Dogs of War
    Biohazard - The Bonustrack of the New World Disorder (donīt know itīs name)
    Heaven Shall Burn - Architects of teh Apocalypse
    Heaven Shall Burn - Dejyandi Von
    Heaven Shall Burn - Risandi Von
    Threshold - Light and Space

    Technical Specs:

    The amvs sources were ripperd with the gordain knot and Divx 5.21 at 100% quality so I got a 6Gb (7000kb/s) data I splitted into 4 small part so my editor could handle it. The DVD is anno 1999 so it was not digital remasterd and the dvd quality is like an old cinema movie with black dots on the screen but this is quite charming in my eyes ^^. The final compressed version is a xvid firstpass with 3000 - 3500 kb/s so itīs not outstanding quality but the size is just 50 mb.

    The Audio was ripped with the newest freerip mp3 at 192 kb/s and nothing changed that so the final audiotrack of the video has maxqual (this belongs to all tracks).

    Used Programs:

    FreeRip mp3 and lame mp3
    Paintshop Pro 8.0
    Nero Wave Trax
    The Gordian Knot
    Movie DV 6.0

    Time needed: approximatly 50 hours

    The idea for this mv came to my mind when I read the tracknames and lyrics of the newest "Heaven Shall Burn" album called "AntiGone". I associated the song with Akira and the name itself Akira-tects. That was the major spark what made me editing this strange video, even though I usualy donīt listen to such simple deathcore trash music . Then I had to set up a concept, which was quite easy because the lyrics of the song and the movie go hand in hand with their contents. So it was rather easy to think of a nice thight action concept with a socialcritical touch. The intro was something I alwasy wanted to do ... A slow and sad piano and black and white pictures, in my opinion it works great. The rest of the video was a disaster to edit, because my previewscreen was pal and my timeline ntsc. Oh well so I had to cut with blinded eyes. But all in all I tried to fix the major timing errors with the player running parralel to my editor. The video was a little timingtraining for me. Its mainly based on red flashes (wonder where I got that ones from ^___^), there are also some effects in the video but nothing to exclusive. The major idea of itīs philosophical background should be seen right at the beginning. The first beta was even more focused on this ingredients of the video and had another piano part somewhere in the middle and after 30 secs it returned to "Architects...". All in all this is a nice video with lots of fine action, a great intro, funny ontro, destruction and a bit bloody gore.


    Architects of the Apocalypse (by: Marcus)

    Architects of the apocalypse
    Architects of the apocalypse

    Greed and addiction drowned their pity
    Washed away their thoughts of compassion and regret
    A world left wounded, slaved and raped
    Your paradise a hell for your descendants
    ...your descendants

    Cathedrals of justice in a kingdom of hypocrisy
    Castles of self-righteousness built on graves

    Masses kept in forlorn, nations laid to waste
    The dynamo of northern golden age
    Darkened our future, blinded by greed
    Sold your fate to the highest price

    I don't believe
    I don't believe in you !
    You are the enemy!
    You are the enemy!

    A rush into our doom, as if your God came down
    And cures all failure

    A rush into our doom, as if your God came down
    And cures all failure


    Finally after a delay of nearly 2 1/2 months this artwork is available viva animejunkyard (thanks Ooshna for hosting this :up:). Itīs a ziped version of my avi go get it !!! =)

    This the best of my mvīs so far.
    I hope you enjoy it
    And leave an opinion ... please ^^ because I donīt get a star rating since itīs an indirect link

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