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  • Members: J.Alana, Yok/0
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: The Eclipse of Kamui's Heart
  • Premiered: 2004-10-01
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  • Song:
    • Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse of the Heart
  • Anime:
  • Comments: On the advice of my friend and crew member Yoko Seishirou, I finally decided to check out the anime X on my Netflix membership and you want to know something? I loved it! I thought it was a great story, great ensemble of characters and the action was high.

    Upon watching episode 11 of X, a whole vid went off in my head just like that. I had the song and the video immediatly mapped out start to finish.

    When I went to work on this vid, I wanted to do something a little unique with this vid. I started experiemnting around with some digital effects. I wanted the vid to be concentrated on its direciton but I also thought good timing and good effects couldn't hurt either. So I combined all those elements to make what I think is a really cool vid. I hope you agree too.

    The basis for this video is simple. If you have seen X then you know that the main character Kamui wants to protect the people he cares about the most but also has a destiny to protect the Earth. In order to do that, he shuns the people he cares about away including the one woman whom he loves. This video is about Kamui getting in touch with that love and realizing that his destiny is such that it eclipses that love. Hence the reasoning I used this song.

    I hope you enjoy this video. I took a great deal of time in making it and reviewed it constantly to make sure that it was what you expect from me.

    Helping me on this project was Yoko Seishirou who turned me onto X in the first place. On this video he was the supervising producer and did a fantastic job. He constantly was supplying supplemental scenes that I didn't have and helping me direct the vid in the way you would expect X to be represented. He also surveyed the video from start to finsih to make sure that it was an amv that you'd like to see with X. The end result is this final product. Before its final production, this video went through about nine testers. The reason? We wanted to do right by you. To Yoko, I'd like to say thank you, Logan for all your hard work and time on this video. Because of your efforts, I think we made a fantastic vid. I couldn't thank you enough for your time, effort and dilligence in helping to produce this vid. You did a great job as supervising producer.

    Also check out Yoko's Seishirou's newest vid - Dysfunctional Roller Coaster. Its wild, fantastic, funny and you'll love it.

    Until then, see ya on the next vid


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