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  • Member: lithe-fider
  • Studio: Lithe-Fider
  • Title: Love Me When I'm Gone
  • Premiered: 2004-09-25
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    • 3 Doors Down When I'm Gone
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  • Comments: This is a video that I am very proud of, partly because it was such a challenge to make, considering normal Bakura is almost NEVER in the show, much less in the same frame as Yami Yuugi. (It’s either Yami Bakura or Yami Bakura pretending to be normal Bakura o_O like all the time too). Eee yeaaa….lack of clips, so I used a little bit of my fanart. (Those are those still images two places. The one of the sad Bakura is from a doujinshi.) I

    had a lot of trouble finding a song that fit the message I wanted to bring across. I heard the song "When I'm Gone" on the radio one day (When it was a new song, the video is that "old" yes) while I was mulling over the subject. ^^ It was like a zap straight from the inspriation Goddess. The words all fit perfectly.

    I used almost every clip in existence of normal Bakura (For at the time what was available up through the end of the Battle City story arc. Those were the only Japanese DVD's I had at that point in time. ^^;;). It’s also my favorite Yaoi couple EVER… *smile* Love those two bishis.

    I hope you enjoy the video, and understand what message I want to get across. (Which is Yami’s frustration over Yami Bakura getting in the way of him seeing Bakura, Yami’s sadness about when Bakura was KILLED ((GASP! XD He comes back though so I’m alright with it … o_o)) and when he had to attack Bakura in order to win that duel on the blimp. ;_; Poor Bakura. Also Yami's despair over will he EVER have a relationship with Bakura while Yami Bakura is around, because maybe he's just blind to the situation *LOL using the lyrics... XD* Somewhere in that darkness there's a light that he can't find *HA I gotta stop...really...* Yaoi Yu-Gi-OH! fans will apprechiate t hat reference)

    It can be understood even better if you read my Yami x Bakura fanfic on my website, if you like that couple and have time to spare. ^^ (It’s not finished, but it goes up through into the end of the first season story arc for now ^_^;) Yeah, so download away, and sorry for the not UBER stellar video quality. Not all of us have 200 GIG hard drives you know. XD;;

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