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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: RVG Project 2004 - Track 29 - Terra in Black
  • Premiered: 2004-09-24
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    • Ailsean Terra in Black
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    My first contribution to the Retro Video Game Project 2004, the sequel to the very successful NES Project 2003.

    Upon the success of the NES Project, I definitely wanted to work on the RVG Project. I originally wanted to do something with Contra 3 or Super Castlevania 4 but couldn't find any good remixes on them. After downloading many remixes, I stumbled upon the "Terra in Black" one and after listening to it, I was like "Whoah, that's beautiful.." While listening to the song, I thought of Fluxy's Miku and MJ's Punch out videos from the NES project which I thought had some dramatic/inspirational moments so I wanted to do something along those lines.

    First of all, it's a drama video and you must be wondering why there is a drama video in the RVG Project. I made a suggestion to Fluxy and MJ that we could also cover the dramatic and emotional part of gaming because the 16 bit era was when stories in video games (mostly RPGs) started to become dramatic and emotional. They were cool with the idea so that's why the RVG Project is now open to drama videos :)

    Final Fantasy 6 (Which came out as FF3 here in the USA) is my personal favorite of the Final Fantasy series and Terra is my favorite FF character. Faye from Cowboy Bebop was the only character I thought would be similar to Terra so I decided to make a Faye/Terra tribute to them both.


    - The video is not to show that Faye and Terra are alike in any way, in fact, they're totally different. However, I noticed that Terra and Faye go through many similar things throughout the course of FF6/Cowboy Bebop such as losing their memories, getting close to someone and losing them, the destruction of both their worlds, and finding their purpose to survive. Those things are what the video is focused on.

    - It was a bit hard to compare the Terra/Esper thing to Faye so most of the start focuses on Terra but as the video progresses, it's easier to find comparable footage to them both.

    - There is some lag on the FF6 parts due to the nature of Camtasia :(

    - I didn't use any FF6 movies from the PSX FF Anthology because I wanted to show the game in the video the way I remembered it. With just sprites, graphics, and text alone.

    - I kept most of the editing on the simple side because I wanted it to reflect the simplicity of the game as much as possible. Since the game did not have crazy after effects stuff, there was no need for me to put it in.

    - I hope the text doesn't go by too fast because alot of the video is text driven but I assume anime fans are trained to catch text pretty quickly ;)

    - Terra and Faye are Hawt :)

    - This is probably my last 29.97 fps video. Shortly after completing this video, my computer has been unable to deinterlace properly.

    - I had to repeat the game by myself since I wanted all of the names lowercased and the saves on had Terra named as Aeris (WTF?)

    The video was bit more difficult to do than I thought and most of the effort in the video had to go more towards the scene selection as opposed to the technical stuff. The video took a little while to do since I had to spend a week and a half repeating FF6 and leaving save states wherever I needed to capture footage. I ended up saving over my states a few times which ended up being frustrating but I was able to get all the footage I needed.

    I had a really good time working on this video and I consider it a labor of love because Terra and Faye are 2 of my favorite video game/anime characters and it was fun working on something with them. Plus it's been a while since I've done a drama video and this video was alot different than anything I've ever done before so it was a good challenge. This is probably one of my favorite videos I've done so far and it's one of those videos that you've dreamed about working on for a long time and finally finding a good chance to dew it :)

    So big thanks to..

    Fluxy and MJ for the inspiration from their NES Project videos - Mega Miku and Little Ippo
    Plus approving drama videos for the RVG Project :)

    Teknoboy for the Camtasia guide.

    and Ailsean for making the awesome Terra in Black remix and for being cool with the RVG Project in general.

    I had to trim down the song to 3 min because of the time limit on tracks, but definitely check out the full track, it's absolutely amazing.

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