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  • Member: teknoboy
  • Studio: Blackjack Studios
  • Title: RVG_Project#13 - Eres Des Points
  • Premiered: 2004-09-22
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    • DJ Crono Eres Des Points
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  • Comments: Part of the RVG (Retro Videogame) Project headed by Fluxmeister, MJ, and Castor Troy

    Check out the project at

    I am very happy to be apart of this project, mainly because SNES was my favorite console system and my favorite game (FF6-J/FF3-US) wasreleased on it ^_^.

    There are a ton of Final Fantasy 6 remixes all over the web and I grabbed what I could to scan through for the perfect song. This particular song was so creatively done it especially caught my attention so I decided to us it... with the help of Ping_Me for the final choice ^_^. You can get the entire song here. I cut about a minute off of it.

    After watching Escaflowne I decided that it fit FF6 too perfectly and that I should do a character match with it. Originally to be a Terra centered video, but Castor Troy's video was so good I didn't want to get mine compared to it on that level :-P.

    So anyway, a lot of the Esca characters overlap with multiple FF6 characters but here is the path I chose:
    -Hitomi as Terra
    -Van as Edgar
    -Balgus as Cyan
    -Marle as Gua
    -Allen as Locke
    -Minerva as Celes
    -Dryden as Setzer
    -Folken as General Leo
    -Dilandau as Kefka
    -Dornkirk as Gestahl

    I was originally going to put in title sequences explaining the relationship I felt the characters had with one another, but the song was too fast paced for me to do it efficiently.

    Also I knew that the song being rapped in French wouldn't work for me to do a lyrical match to american audiences so I threw that idea out as well and decided to concentrate on the beat and scratches to help the flow of the video.

    I hope you like the video as I had a blast making it ^_^!

    Sit back and enjoy...

    I hope to be on the next project as well.

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