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  • Member: ChaosProjects
  • Studio: Chaosprojects Studios
  • Title: Can't Touch This!
  • Premiered: 2004-09-19
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    • MC Hammer Can't Touch This
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    Ahhh...once again we are here...heh....Today we bring to you the video... "Can't touch this!" This video is part of the ill fated Hammer Project which sadly has been canceled...What is the Hammer Project you ask....hmmm..i guess it goes back to the AIM room chat conversation where MJ aka Mexican Junior said that he would give all 10's to any old school rap videos that were created and then instanly Mr. Pilkington popped in with MC Hammer and MJ said that he would like to do a video to Hammer as the idea was born...and myself joining in on such a seemed like instantly picked Hammer's Can't touch this....So this video was created and completed by what i would say was Feb of 2004, but in order to give time to the others to complete and post the entier project which had planned it's premire at AWA of this year...but sadly due to computer complications and other various factors the Hammer Project died out...but i still have my piece that remains...So i bring you my fanservice video (god i need to stop making fanservice videos lol) Can't touch this....this was entered into AWA Expo but i don't know if they will play it due to brief flashes of nudity....anywhoo....Enjoy!!

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