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  • Member: Theory Girl
  • Title: The Life and Times of Padudu and Zucchini
  • Premiered: 2004-09-18
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    • They Might be Giants Stalk of Wheat
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  • Comments: First ever Magical Play AMV! Not surprising, though, since it's only four episodes long and not that well known.

    I got the idea a month or so ago, but when I relistened to the song a few days ago, it hit me--BAM--that I had to make this AMV now. And so I did.
    The idea to put the song Stalk of Wheat with Magical Play was grounded by two phrases: "I went for a walk" and "I had a thought bubble of trouble." The first made me think of Padudu walking in The Rainbow Path, where she first meets Myumyu, and I started with that clip, but in the final version, I changed it to the clip that now starts off the AMV. The second could only be Zucchini's thoughts of Myumyu, which he unfortunately has to punish himself for, hence the 'trouble.' With those thoughts in mind, the rest fell into place, though not easily.

    The basic premise of this AMV is that the first half is narrated by Padudu, the main character, and the second half is narrated by Zucchini, a henchman of the queen. While Padudu's commentary is provided by Pipin, her bunny-themed rival/companion, Zucchini has no such back up, and talks to himself a lot anyway. I considered having the queen play that part for him, but it just didn't flow. He does get one commentator in Nononon, though.

    This is my third AMV, so I'm still learning a thing or two. In this AMV, I used a little bit of speeding up in a couple of clips (and also figured out which clips that wouldn't work in...). I attempted to do a transition, but couldn't get it to work for me. I learned what I was doing wrong, but not until after I'd found a clip that made a transition unneccesary and flowed better with the entire AMV. So there you go.

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