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  • Member: OzzieAlThor79
  • Studio: Oz n Ez Productions
  • Title: What really happened...
  • Premiered: 2004-09-18
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    • Roger Miller Disney's Robin Hood Theme: Whistle Stop
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  • Comments: This is my first real foray into the AMV world after watching so many over the last few years. I have always enjoyed watching videos that are just a bit different in song and style form what's on the screen. "corupting religion" by bum (done to Eva) comes to mind as an example of what I mean.

    The point of the vid is to show how the story of Eva is like the beginning of Disney's Robin Hood. It's slow to begin with and takes it's time bulding up momentum.. when it gets going though, it gets GOING. I have always joked with friends that the best kind of videos are ones done to songs that make you think:"Man that is SO wrong! But it works!" and that was my goal with this AMV. The "Ez" of Oz n Ez productions really helped me clear up alot of tacky looking spots in the video and it wouldn't even be remotley good without her.

    Also, YES, the sound ISN'T on until you first hear it and I set it up that way on purpose so don't send me email's saying "ur Vid didn't work". Now you can of course email saying that me doing that was dumb and you didn't like it, just make sure to watch the whole video and say that. :)

    So after 17 hours of editing (about an hour of it rebooting Windows Movie Maker I might add...) I give you my video! At least rate it and a review or 30 couldn't hurt either... :P

    3-13-05---------->> I was a finalist for Comedy Vid of the year, alas, there were 2 vids definetly better than mine which won Best Comedy AND Best In Show this year.

    Guess that means the next one will have to be better huh? ;)


    Comments on the video:

    "Your AMV is every bit as deep as Eva itself." -- tbritt

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