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  • Member: drdude
  • Studio: TomServo3K Productions
  • Title: Trouser Snake: The Movie Trailer
  • Premiered: 2001-12-19
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    • Frantics Trouser Snake Ad
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  • Comments: Bizzare concepts make equally bizzare videos.

    Ever have just one of those ideas you couldn't get out of your head? This was one of them. Originally conceived as a Pokemon parody, I decided it'd be fun to do. The odd audio promo for this imaginary movie done by The Frantics really made me laugh, and just to see it done would be fun. Seeing as how I couldn't get the footage from the Pokemon ep which I caught in passing (I really couldn't stand to watch the show again to find out what episode it was), I decided to go ahead and try other anime. This was tougher than I thought. Finding the scenes I needed proved impossible, so I made my own.

    Hope you folks enjoy. Please leave some feedback on this and my other vids.

    Added 8-5-02 :
    Winner Best Special Effects - Martyr AMV 2002 Contest

    Added 10-4-02 :
    Winner Best Parody - Anime Weekend Atlanta Music video Expositon

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