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  • Member: OmniStrata
  • Studio: Omni Strata Studios
  • Title: Kagome's Heart
  • Premiered: 2001-12-19
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    • Nikki French Total Eclipse of the Heart
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  • Comments: Hardware:
    Pentium 2 300MHz
    128 Megs SDRAM (PC133)

    Premiere 6.0 (BOO YEAH!)
    Virtualdub (I bow to logoaway)

    Approximately 25 hours (After Revision). More time was spent on the revision if anything and I hope it shows. I was planned for it this time... ^_^
    As in, wrote out all of the steps/footage/fx used before starting. It would have been shorter if my cpu wasn't so buggy. I had to export 8 times to get the exact FRAMES I edited. Believe me when your Premiere timeline says there's no subs in a transition, and suddenly a frame in 30 pops up saying, "No", one can be angry...
    I've ducked/danced/dodged around all the scenes/frames with subs, I hope that counts toward effort. argh, I wish some subbers wouldn't write so much stuff. btw, I know I'll get ripped a new one for using digisubs, but since Inu Yasha isn't licensed and isn't domestically released (YET...) I've got a weak defense in that regard. ^_^


    How does that work? Remember, this is a Rumiko Takahashi series we're talking about.

    This vid was almost renamed to "Kagome vs. Kikyo" but I smacked that title down faster than my friend could suggest. As far as character analysis goes, pay attention to the beat of the lead guitar and the lyrics in sequence. The strobes appear for a reason to compare and contrast Kagome and Kikyo. Some people who haven't seen the series may think all of the long dark-haired girls in this vid are Kagome. That's EXACTLY what I'm trying to do; using various poses of both Kikyo and Kagome armed with longbow and arrow.

    What's Inu Yasha's problem? Technically, they're the same soul! (AHH SPOILER WARNINGS)

    This vid has a few spoilers, but nothing I'd call story wrecking. The ending came out differently than expected and I'm beginning to understand the meaning of action sync vs. lyric TO action sync. This adds new depth to a vid when lyrics either do the opposite of action or a deeper meaning is meant to be found.

    Using the motion effect, (which now I know how to utilize the "breathing" effect in Ermac's "Closer" vid {this effect is NOT in my vid though}) I've created a somewhat, "dancing" image vid. Take note of the sync and also, NO SUBS! EVERY SCENE I PICKED HAS PRACTICALLY NO SUBS! ALL OF WHICH WERE EDITED OUT TO THE FRAME!

    Some of you may take note that I DID pay attention to the subtitle removal guides. ^_^ Tanks to those who made them!

    Without further ado, CHECK OUT THE VID!

    And please leave an opinion. Tanks a lot! ^_^

    Side note: I'm 100% certain Inu Yasha fans will like this one. From what I've seen, a few fans say my 1st vid, "Shadows of a Dog Demon" was decent. After making this and looking back, can you tell what I thought about MY 1st Vid? (*_~)


    UPDATE ---> New ending and "cleaner" use of motion fx...
    If you liked the wyld use of the "spinning motion" and don't mind the ending, don't get this update. I've setup some "flash memory" sequence "pic-in-pic" fx as a way to "spice" up the ending from the previous version...

    Special Thanks to for the hosting. ^_^

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