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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Controversy Studio
  • Title: Hallucinations of the Harmonic Mind
  • Premiered: 2004-09-13
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    • Hallucinations of the Harmonic mind (Original Trailer Audio)
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    2005 VCAs
    Round 1 Nominations
    [b]Best Trailer[/b]

    The Idea
    The idea for the video originaly came to me after about 3 days of starting Beautiful Summer, I KNEW I really wanted to make another original trailer (with voice actors and music and etc) but I didn't know quite what I really wanted to do.

    I had just aquired all of Rahxephon and started ripping the dvd's when I got the idea to do a (Wala) Rahxephon trailer... So thus I put out the call for Voice actors once again, and called on the one's I had used previously.

    For about a month, the entire project was put on hold due to just pure laziness and lack of original idea's to really set this apart from any other trailers itself.

    Untill I just decided to pick it back up.

    The Plot
    The original plot was just gonna be about him being a teenager and falling inlove with the girl he does in the actual anime (which when you think about it, was probably the reason I stopped for that month or so and took a break from making it).

    But I decided, to go for something a bit more original, I don't know were exactly I came up with the idea of him being a bit off his rocker, but it happened (and i'm happy it did :P)... and thats where the real adventure truly started.

    I had to really come into a new style of trailer making here, I could [i]not[/i] stay in my old style and make this video, I had to act more artistic, and have a wider general sense of how to substiute one idea for another (him waking up in the hosbital).

    When I got threw the first half of the video, I knew after the train wreck i didnt want you to find out he wasnt quite right untill [b]after[/b] he'd walked around for a while, and thus the silence...
    To be honest the idea kinda scared me, I mean 30 secounds of him walking around a hosbital doesnt really sound like it builds anything on paper.

    But boy did it ever on video, that 30 secounds really helped initalize the style for the rest of the video, and in the long run helped me make the video have not only a more creapy atmosphere, but in general make you wonder just what in the hell [i]was[/i] up with this boy.

    For the last half of the video I wanted to make a very dramatic cut in cut out kinda style of video, so that you made sure to know he wasnt exactly the sanist guy in the world (he's nuts :P).

    But on the other hand, it makes you wonder if he's nuts.. or... if he's something else instead, something bigger, more powerfull that he just can't understand.

    Which in a way I lifted from the movie Unbreakable (bruce willis) inwhich the man is in a train acident and nobody survives but him, and when he does theres something he starts to notice about himself, that was that basic idea... but warped ALOT.

    The Actors

    The Nurse
    Actress: lilGumba

    News Anchor in the backround
    Actor: GreenJingo

    Actor: Scintilla

    Girl in yellow dress
    Actress: MarzGurl

    Main Character
    Actor: Voices_of_ryan

    I'd like to thank you all my actors, you guys did a spactacular job.

    Auditioners (Those whom didn't get into the file video)
    Lady DX

    I wish I had been able to get everyone who auditioned in (maybe next time?) But thank you for auditioning.

    Beta Testers / Misc helpers
    Castor Troy

    Final Words
    This is the hardest i've ever worked on something of this magnitude, and I really hope it shows, thank you all for all your help, and I hope everyone who watchs it knows, it was not just me who made this video, it was all these guys... Without them, I wouldn't have been able to do it.

    Thank you. Enjoy,
    Jacob Lawler

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