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  • Member: ewokmaster
  • Title: Ryoko - The (Bad) Girl All The Guys Want!
  • Premiered: 2004-09-11
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    • Bowling for soup Girl all the Bad Guys Want
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  • Comments: Ahhh what a story to tell about this one. Y'see, despite what's on, I've made several videos. Many of them were just too poor quality to ever upload...poor quality either in:

    A. They sucked
    B. The video/audio quality was terrible.

    This was, luckily, B. I created it a year ago. It had always been one of my favorite videos, but the source footage I used was pretty crappy, as I used a Dazzle and a DVD player to capture it. While ripping footage for the very first time from my new DVD drive (for the Tenchi "Nobody's Fault" AMV), I decided to see whether it'd be too difficult to recreate my video in Pinnacle just by importing the old video and manually replacing the clips. And, to my surprise, I created a nearly identicle video (nearly because it's darn near impossible to recreate the exact same fades in Pinnacle that were created in I took the time to replace a clip I really hated) Also, keep in mind with this video that all lip sync was done au natural (as in, the clips weren't modified to fit the song) if they're pretty bad, that's why.

    Creator's Favorite Scene: The "all I wanted was to see her naked" part. Fits very well, and Tenchi's movements fit to the the music (watch the eye blinks!)

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