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  • Member: geowil11_3
  • Title: Out of Control Alchemist
  • Premiered: 2004-09-09
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    • Hoobastank Out of Control
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  • Comments: ok, my first fma vid ^^, its a great anime so far, im on ep 8. ok, now for the vid. I made it in ap6, but it was gona take over 4 hours to save it, so i saved the video and audio sepratly and combined them in wmm2. just so you know, in case you were wondering about my last vid, Kabuto vs. Naruto, i did the same thing, so thats why there made in ap6 yet they are wmv files. so, now for the good part. in the vid, there are a few very small, as in not to noticable unless youve been watching these for a while, pixed sceans. that was partly my fault, cus i added to much sharpness and some sceans got a tini pixed. over all i think its a good vid, but i'll let you, the veiwers, decied. if you like, or hate it, leave an opinion and tell me why, so i can remember to, or not to, do those things again. cant get any better with out input from the veiwers :p.

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