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  • Member: AngryManAnime
  • Title: Ego
  • Premiered: 2004-09-08
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    • Grade 8 Let Em' Know
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  • Comments: I bought a new HD and decided to celebrate with the creation of an Akira vid. This is the first release from NeoCinema.

    Ego is losely based around: Kaneda's gang, the Clowns, Tetsuo's loss of control, as well as the various corruption of the Neotokyo government...
    Just kidding, it's actually just an action video that tampers with some visual effects. If it had any deeper meaning I'd check the drama box as well..

    This is the beginning of a little project I like to call Neocinema.
    Working on Neocinema should steadily increase my abilities with visual effects.
    If they don't seem to dazzle you in this first one I wouldn't worry too much about it.
    I'm starting with some easier effects and working up to the breathtaking, unforgetable, OMFG.
    In other words it's a "learning experience"
    This first one I edited with massive, low compressed (huffyuv), avi format clips..
    That took a long time to prepare and rendered nearly flawless quality,
    therefore, for the next Neocinema release I will be using avs script, IVTC, along with that swapping method described by Ermac in the guides section (thanks)
    Oh, and one more thing..
    I despise low quality wmv format.. it must die.
    I refuse to release a video under 10mb, that's so poor, it isn't worth watching..

    *Please leave a >detailed< opinion, good or bad,
    it's the only way I can improve on future releases

    I'm currently working on something with more eyecandy so stay tuned...

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