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  • Member: Ryuujin665
  • Studio: Amatsujin Productions
  • Title: Virus Of Life, Danger - Keep Away
  • Premiered: 2004-09-07
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    • slipknot Virus of Life, Danger - Keep Away
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  • Comments: Haa ha! Well here is a nice new amv that my brother and I actually put together. He did the first video and I did the seccond video, and this contributes as a group project for my group Amatsujin Productions! =D Now here it isn't KoRn this time, no, we finally took a different route. The band we used this time through was Slipknot and used two songs towards the end of their newest album. The song that he did and used was "Virus of Life" the first song, and man this took awhile for him to put together and save. Why? Well because he had so much going on that my laptop couldnt handle it sense I only got 256megs of ram and it can only run so fast with that much. So he had to save it into 8 different parts before we could finally put it all together. Just also to say, believe me if I had the additional room to download the raw version of Naruto so I didnt have subtitled I would but my laptop hard drive only has so much room. So, I used "Danger - Keep Away" that "Virus of Life" melds into. For mine its a little slow because well thats just how it is, the type of song and all. I appologise for the subtitles there, but I only have so much room on my hard drive and if I knew an actual good place to get the raw versions quite easily then I just might do it so, my brother and I can work with those and not have to take to much flack for that stuff. :rolleyes: Anyway, I hope you all enjoy our latest work, let us know what you think! Also heh it is quite a large file ^^;;; so I hope you who do have still a 56k modem I know your pain of having to download a large file, but I promise you, our recent work will be well worth least I hope it will in your eyes...again ENJOY!

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