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  • Member: slackergirl
  • Title: Look How They Shine...
  • Premiered: 2004-09-06
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    • Coldplay Yellow
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  • Comments: My first attempt at an AMV. Just another Sakura + Shaoron video, but I think it turned out well, especially for an opening effort.

    Basically, CCS is one of those shows that just makes me happy, and Yellow is a song that, likewise, just makes me happy. So it seemed a natural fit.

    There were no effects used in this video (or fades even) for 2 reasons.
    1) I didn't know how to work any of the effects in my program (Ulead VideoCreator 6 Basic), and it didn't even HAVE a fade option except in overlays.
    2) This is a simple, upbeat songs, so I felt straight cuts would be most effective (with a few exceptions, where I really wished the editor had more transitions).

    The purpose of the video was to see if I liked making AMVs. Since I enjoyed making the video so much, I purchased a more advanced video editor. Future vids will likely be more polished. (I may even revise this one in time.)

    Opinions would be greatly appreciated, since I am new to the editing process.

    Semi-finalist in 2005 VCA for Best First Video
    Thanks to all who nominated me!

    requiet says: "kudos for making a beginner's vid that doesn't suck." Thanks requiet!

    Just put up a beautiful, smaller mp4 version of the vid. If you can't play an mp4, download the VLC player at: Coming soon, a direct link to the good ol' XviD version.

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