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  • Member: junnina
  • Title: Tokyo Mew Mew Nonstop Characters Music Videos
  • Premiered: 2004-09-04
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  • Songs:
    • Hisayo Mochizuki Taiyou no watashi (remixed)
    • Junko Noda Do be do dancin' night (remixed)
    • Kakazu Yumi Afternoon tea (remixed)
    • Kumi Sakuma Umi wo miteita (remixed)
    • Saki Nakajima / Mew Ichigo Strawberry Power (remixed)
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  • Comments: EDITED on January, 2009.

    That is my longest AMV. I edited it completely with Windows Movie Maker, in 2004.
    I used the Mew Mew girls' songs (remixed version). The remix was a non-stop one, 20 minutes long, but I cut the song, so it's only 14 minutes.

    I worked hard on this video. :P

    The sources were fansubbed ones, or low quality ones. Few weeks ago, practicing with Avisynth, I decided, I cropped the fansubs and worked hard on improving the quality video.
    Now it's a little better than before, and at least there aren't subs everywhere. x3


    0:00 -> 3:30 - Strawberry Power- (Ichigo's song)
    I love this song!!! ^^;; I used clips from episodes 26, 27, and others. I think it's nice. =)

    3:30 -> 5:20 - Do be do dancin' at night- (Zakuro's song)
    This was very difficulti, because Zakuro's song is very allegro...and I couldn't find clips of a smilin' Zakuro. =(

    5:20 -> 8:20 -Taiyou no watashi- (Purin's Song)
    My favourite part ^^;; Purin's songs are so cute!! I did my best to create a very fun and nice video for her.

    8:20 -> 11:20 -Umi wo miteita- (Retasu's song)
    Retasu's song was very long, so I had to cut a part of the beginning, when you hear the music tone was my fault. ^^;; I used many clips from episode 3. It's not bad at all.

    11:20 -> 14:00 -Afternoon Tea- (Mint's song)
    Sorry but...I hate this part! -__-;; Well, I don't like very much Mint, but I did, like I usually do, my best to create a nice video.

    14:00 -> 14:30
    And's over!! Disaster!! What did I do?! I mixed all parts of the music video...ehm...^^;;;

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