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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Falling Out of Reach
  • Premiered: 2004-09-04
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    • Our Lady Peace Somewhere Out There
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  • Comments: Honestly, I'm not a very big fan of Earthian, and the one character out of all of them that I actually like is Kagetsuya. I've always hated Chiaya and have been indifferent to Messiah. Well my original intent had been to make a KxC profile to the song "I'm Your Angel" by R. Kelly and Celine Dion, but I soon learned that it wouldn't work out. In the midst of this I had like a revelation/ephiphany thingy about how brilliantly "Somewhere Out There" fits the tale of Chiaya and Messiah. And this AMV just had to be made. It's not what I'd first set out to accompolish but it's good I think. I've made an AMV to this song before for Gravitation, but my computer ate it which may have been a good thing because Earthian suits the song far better. . . . Also, this is the first AMV that I've made where I went out of my way to try to make it "pretty." I tried to pick the most eye-pleasing glips and layer background pics (like the roses in eden) beneath more important clips. Also there's some symbolism in there, but not a lot and it's subtle. So I don't know if I succeeded with making a "prettier" AMV but it was an interesting, and different experience for me.

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