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  • Member: angelofanimes
  • Studio: Angel Of Animes Productions
  • Title: AngelOfAnimes Final Production: Goodbye Sailor Moon
  • Premiered: 2004-08-31
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    • Spice Girls Goodbye
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  • Comments: Here's just a quick 3 FAQ Question:
    1. Are you leaving? Is this really your last production?
    Yes, I am not literally more time is what's the case...I just left another business also so it's not much to say. My Final Production is this Goodbye Music Video

    2. Why Spice Girls? They are so old, I hate them
    If you actually listen to the song, You'll understand that it's about someone leaving and going away.

    3. Is this your best work?
    In terms of STORY LINE, Yes it very much is. In terms of Effects that is my "Is She Sailor Moon?" Music Video...In terms of the overall that is my Jupiter's Grip Music Video.

    On with the plot.
    In the beginning you get the lip sync etc, then you get a few beat-links. This Video as for Ginger Spice leaving the Spice Girls is like Sailor Moon leaving the Senshi. Leaving them as a 4 group.
    Eventually the 4 inner senshi will save Usagi in the video.
    Leaving her alive.
    Then shown is how they remember to have been found as a senshi. Then she will cry and remember the times they had together, the love she lost and a revalation. Flying away to her lost love Mamoru.
    Some Scenes are filler or just to match what's going on. She does find her love eventually, no kidding.
    The very end might be confusing for you...This is the Inner Senshi's 2nd/3rd Death...The first is the Super death. Which they are found with debris flying...They remember the time they were alone, with Usagi...then cries, during those parts are there third death in the Stars. This is their FINAL death. thus at the end instead of Usagi leaving them the 4 Inner Senshi leave her to save her.

    Reflection: I am leaving AMV making, I am Graduating the school I am going to right now also. *This is my final year in it*, and I'm leaving another un-named business.
    This is my music video to say...Goodbye, I just think that people may not like it as much as my others. But for me, this is my best creation yet.

    Audience Think: You, the audience may think it has nothing to do with Goodbye, However it does...They leave her alone as she had left them the first time...This resolves in a vice versa action you would have not thought of.

    Revolving Door: Yes I included a scene with the Spice-Girls' IL9 about how they left with the revolving door. That is to show where I got it from.

    Faults: I didn't have the time to fix that part where Usagi's face was fading away, I did not want to fix the revolving door either. For Usagi's face I made it fade then pop up again, for the revolving doors I just put a picture of Ami there.

    Thank You my friends...Someday somehow somewhere sometime, I will be back.

    I had planned to release it tommrow the 1st of September, but in the end I decided to release it the end of the month instead.

    Angel Of Animes

    Finally...I can leave Sailor Moon the show I loved for so long, in peace...'re wondering how long it took me to make it?
    The Blue-Print I made was back in May, then I added...
    So May-September 4 months?
    Yes that's pretty much the story...I spent the last month perfecting the file, and in the end I got the MV Ending, The End, and SG Doors...

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