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  • Member: Proxy
  • Title: Superdance (WAKA (M Spec))
  • Premiered: 2001-12-01
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    • Vicky Vale Superdance
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  • Comments: Video by: WAKA (M Spec)

    This is a tricky one since it's my first on the proxy. I got the vid from Luis Guerra's Cycling Anime and Jpop Mp3 site. I can't post the link here but I'm sure some of you know where it is. This vid is unique in the sense that it uses NO actual animation, but uses character pics from all the girls from the Hentai game, "Kanon". I'm trying to get other music vids from the author, "WAKA" but it's hard to navigate the site. (It's all Japanese)

    If you've seen or downloaded the vid, you'll see a link to the creator's website located at the end of the vid. And also, for all you Hentai-minded people, this is a beauty character profile style vid, as in, NO NUDITY! It just showcases the awesome art found in some quality Hentai games. I REALLY want to see this game, Kanon.

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