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  • Member: Batto!
  • Title: A faint cry
  • Premiered: 2004-08-31
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  • Song:
    • Linkin Park Faint
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is my third inuyasha music video and id say it is definatly my best
    this amv contains movie 3 footage and if your looking for an amv with
    inuyasha movie 3 footage in high quality and full of action and sync this is it
    ive downloaded a few to check them out and most of them contained so-so footage i didnt
    lower the quality of this amv so it should look sharp ^^
    anyways i chose this song because i think it goes well with movie three and its just awsome ^^
    and for the title ^^ it just sounded cool and has the song title in it and goes with my vid ^^

    enjoy ^^

    p.s. the scene with inuyasha at the very end just seemed funny so i put it in, and yes its 100% random

    edit: meh ill try to explain my video alittle for once

    -0:01-0:32 is pretty much showing how the sword got to inuyasha and the power it holds (note everything around dieing) But wait!! isnt that in kagomes era!! DUN DUN DUN!!! does her city really get destroyed!?!? if u havent watched the movie DO it!(my video doesnt tell weither it happens or not ^^)
    -0:09-0:11 goes with the very very end of my amv ^^ ull see
    -0:31-0:39 noone wants to play with him because he is different
    -0:40-0:52 his father wanting him to become more humane, or just try to find something to protect and love
    -0:52-1:00 inuyasha doesnt want to be ignored ^^
    -1:00-1:04 the man who killed inuyashas father, and how he comes back to life to kill his sons
    -1:12-1:23 inuyasha wanting to become a demon (no he doesnt turn demon on purpose, but still^^)
    -1:23-1:48 pretty much inuyasha and shess. competeing with eachother
    -1:49-1:59 kagome telling inuyasha and shess. to work together
    -2:03-2:05 the "bad guy" remembering how he loved inuyashas mother
    -2:05-2:11 the sword doesnt want to be ignored
    the rest just watch ^^
    and uh..
    2:44and on is .. lol ^^

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